Our Activities

Research and Documentation

Conducting research into impacts of development in Eastern Shan State and publishing reports and newsletters, focusing on:

  • Militarization
  • Opium production and drug control issues
  • Impacts of the reef blasting in the Mekong river
  • Environmental degradation caused by logging
  • Wildlife trade

Environmental awareness raising

  • Organizing environmental workshops for Lahu and Akha communities
  • Production of Lahu language book on organic farming methods
  • Production of Lahu language book on dangers of chemical pesticides

Lahu and Akha literacy program

  • Production of Lahu and Akha basic reader and alphabet chart
  • Organizing Lahu and Akha literacy classes in villages

Community development

  • Organizing workshops on community development
  • Supporting community development projects in Lahu, Akha and Shan villages